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    Who we are?

    Our company’s main task is qualified legal and financial help and support for people who would want to start or improve their business, buy real estate or acquire thorough legal consultations and guarantees in Lithuania, other EU countries or the Russian Federation, including the protection of your legal and lawful interests. All of the company’s partners are qualified professionals who have collected long-time experience in the field of legal services, and employ individuals of the highest professional qualities. Foreign court and arbitrary court decision acknowledgement and permission to carry them out in the Republic of Lithuania and vice versa.

    What we do?

    Each case is a complex situation full of decisions to make, that's why our main business qualities include flexible thinking, fast reaction time and a creative view on solving problems. Our clients can benefit from our total and strict confidentiality record in all our business with them. We believe that only the frank desire to help our clients to solve their problems can have a straight positive effect on achieving the desired aim. This is why we always try to create a personal link with every client and manage to identify and agree on all of the details of every case. Our every client is important to us and it doesn’t matter if we represent a business of any size or a person tending to us with his or hers personal private affairs.

    We ensure that the principles of legitimacy are empowered in all cases we take.

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  • Services


    - Court decisions
    - Administrative law
    - Criminal law
    - Disputes
    - Labor law
    - Corporate law
    - Commercial law
    - Tax law
    - Gambling law
    - Citizenship and immigration


    - Integrated consultations on real estate and investment areas;
    - Intermediary services in medium to large scale investment an real estate deals;
    - Forming implementing real estate project concepts;
    - Construction process monitoring;
    - Real-estate and movable property evaluation;
    - Business evaluation;
    - Market research and analysis;
    - Intermediary services while renting, selling and buying commercial and residential real-estate property.


    - Financial accountancy audit
    - European Union structural funds audit
    - Theme checks
    - Advice on tax and accountancy issues
    - Accountancy services
    - Additional services
    - We guarantee
    - Translations

  • Team



    2003m. – 2005m.    Mykolas Riomeris University, Law and state management magistrate studies, Law Master’s degree

    1999m. – 2003m.    Lithuanian University of Law, Law bachelor’s degree


    CJSC “Verslo audito konsultacijos”
    Attorney bureau: Samoylov, Tolpegin and associates
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